Monday, 8 February 2010

Lovely Grungeboard

Another Monday and guess what, it's cold and wintery yet again!!! Still I'm not complaining, I've had a lovely crafty day indoors keeping warm.

I hope your weekend was good, don't they go fast? We spent Saturday bicycle shopping. Freya has suddenly taken to cycling. She's had a bike since she was small but been more of a scooter girl. Anyway, now she's decided she prefers her cycle it's far too small for her so we decided she needed a new one now rather than waiting for her Birthday later in the year. Success was had and while we were chatting to the man in the shop , both Hubby and I commented on the fact that we'd had our first bikes from the same shop when we were small. Laughing the man said he'd probably sold them to us as he'd been working there for 40 years!!!! Funny how life goes round in a circle. I bet there's not many places were that would happen nowadays.

As some of you may know I decided this year that I would try and make more practical things when crafting instead of numerous cards that just sat in a box and so today I'm sharing another creation with you.

I had a new mobile phone for Christmas but needed a case for it to protect it from all the rubbish in my handbag. After trawling the internet I couldn't find one that I really liked and then had a brainwave. Why not make one out of grungeboard!!!! It's like leather anyway and any excuse to use it, I love it to bits!!

This is what I came up with and it does work!!!!

I worked out the pieces I needed to cut out from looking at the cases I'd seen and used my phone as a template. After each piece was cut out I painted them with pale blue acrylic paint and then brushed this over with white paint on a very dry brush to get some texture.

The flower stamp is from Prima and was stamped with pearlescent sky blue brilliance and clear embossed and then painted with Cosmic Shimmer mica powders by adding water to them.

I punched all the stitching holes with a pokey tool and then sewed it all together with Martha Stewart cord. Some time later and with sore fingers I attached a magnet and brad to the flap to create a fastener, covered it with a bit of decoration and hey presto, one cover.

It's not as perfect as a bought one, but I shall use it with pride.

Well, I need to go and cook tea now so I'll just say thank for stopping by and I hope your Monday has gone well. Keep warm if you're visiting from the UK, if not and you've got warm sunshine, please send some our way, we are in desperate need!


brenda said...

What a fabulous idea Lisa, but grungeboard is as you say very like leather so a perfect medium for making this. And I love how it stamps, so subtle as you great make proves.

Snow here today as well, soon be Spring.

B x

Lynne K said...

Lisa, what a brilliant idea! A great use for grungeboard. Your case is so pretty, and of course unique. I love it!

No snow here, but it's very cold. Won't be surprised if we get some this week though. Can't wait for spring. Have a great week! xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

great lisa what a fab the colour xx
debbie xxx

Clare said...

Oh my Lisa, this is a fabulous one off creation! I think you will find a lot of people are very envious of your phone case.
Clare x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh this is so fabulous Lisa!
kim x

Paula said...

Very stylish idea & highly practical too. My phone lives in a sock!

Beryl said...

Oh wow - this is fabulous. Very individual and stylish. I'd love to get my specs out of a case like that when I needed them.
Beryl xx

Sally H said...

Wow, wow, Wow! I love it! I still haven't used my grungeboard. I will have to try something like this! It has snowed a few fine flakes here (on my new car!!!) but not much. I think it may have gone already. My new car says it is 1 degree out there. Can you tell I'm all excited about it?!!!

Lesley said...

What a great idea Lisa! It is fab! xx

Jill said...

What a brilliant idea Lisa, inspirational that's what you are. I love the colours you have used and I think I need to have a go at making one.
Its cold here because of the easterly wind but there is no snow. Jill x

Hope Jacare said...

What a great project - so creative and useful - what more can you ask for - brilliant!

Artyjen said...

Fabulicious project! I can believe your fingers were sore after all the stitching through grungeboard LOL.....who wants to be like everyone else? You can celebrate being unique every time you use it.


Hi Lisa - love the phone case - how clever are you! Beautiful delicate colours and stamping, and it would be great as a gift too.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog tonight.
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Anne said...

Wow this is such a clever idea and it looks great, well done Lisa:)